11 - 17 August 2019


This workshop for choreographers is based on choreographic practice. Joanne Leighton will use the base of her own choreographic work which she has developed over the past 25 years. Central to her work lies the notion of site, territory and identity, which are for her interdependent spaces.

Joanne Leighton's choreographic practice activates and engages the body, but also brings into play aspects of symbolic identity, contemporary rituals, memory and vision created in open artistic processes. She will be focusing on her choreographic practice and her walking practice, along with exploring dance as remembering, mapping and tracing a path. It is movement as language and the performance space as a landscape across which we write, rewrite and create our own stories, experiences, memories, and rituals.

Joanne Leighton’s choreographic work and performance is framed in the context of her dance company WLDN which is simultaneously a project and a philosophy. The name references “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), American essayist, teacher, philosopher, naturalist and poet. WLDN is a kind of transcendental striptease, a return to the fundamental essence, a simplifying of work, of stripping down. It’s also a return to the fundamental aspects of choreography and performance in terms of dance, movement and site. This elemental simplicity involves stage work and public space work, but also includes productions of the kind of work that can be documented with the tools at hand such as a mobile phone and published on virtual platforms such as social media.

I’m interested in exploring the resonance of our changing cultural landscape and the contemporary tools we have in creating, curating, notating, publishing and dissemination. Joanne Leighton

Seoul International Choreography Workshop provides opportunities to study the latest choreographic trends, approaches, and discourses and providing opportunities to artists to put themselves on the map of the contemporary art scene. The contemporary artist and performing artists from various countries share their choreographic method and research